Annual Wellness Exams/Preventative Care

Annual Wellness Exams

Whether you have a new puppy or kitten, or an elderly pet, Mahogany Veterinary Clinic’s staff has extensive knowledge in all life stages and can help guide your furry family member’s preventive health care through the years.  New pets can have very different nutritional and preventive needs than older pets or pets with underlying medical conditions.  Our doctors will help make recommendations and guide you through the changes that can develop during the lifetime of your pet. As our pets age, unexpected illness can happen suddenly or gradually over time.  Regular wellness check ups and blood screens help your vet catch certain conditions sooner so that they can be treated earlier and prolong your pet’s quality of life.

Wellness Packages:

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Preventative Care

We offer core vaccines to protect your pet from endemic viruses and we can help you protect your pet and your family against infection by common local parasites (internal as well as external parasites).  At Mahogany Vet, we can also help you make decisions on other preventive treatments if you travel out of province with your pet.  Diseases that we see and protect against here in Calgary may be quite different from those in other parts of North America so be sure to inform us of your pet’s travel plans so we can make the best recommendations for them.