We are Professionals who Care about your Pet

Mahogany Veterinary Clinic is equipped to deal with routine and some minor emergency surgeries.  Surgeries that most people seek out and are familiar with include spay (ovariohysterectomy) and neuter (orchiectomy) procedures.  Many other situations may arise necessitating surgery for your pet including umbilical hernias, bladder stones, foreign bodies that cause intestinal obstruction, lumps or bumps on or under the skin and lacerations.  Our clinic is fully equipped to perform these procedures using a strict standard of care to ensure a smooth procedure and recovery for your pet. 



We guarantee constant EKG monitoring, monitoring of blood pressure as well as trending oxygen and carbon dioxide levels throughout the procedure by a registered Animal Health Technologist using state of the art monitoring equipment.  It can be stressful to know that your pet is undergoing a general anesthetic but rest assured that we employ every measure possible to tailor the anesthetic to your pet’s immediate needs.  We believe that proper staff and equipment are vital in providing the best surgical experience for your pet.