Hilary's Blend Renal Recipes Cookbook for Dogs & Cats

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This book is a reference book for veterinarians.  The front section of the book explains the nutritional management of renal disease with the goal of extending longevity and improving quality of life.  The back section contains 40 canine and 30 feline home-made renal recipes, all balanced with HILARY'S BLEND RENAL supplement.   Different protein options (chicken, pork, beef, fish, novel) as well as low fat renal recipes for dogs with concurrent pancreatitis.  Each recipe page has full nutrient breakdown, calorie content and feeding guides.  Owners who have pets with renal disease may not be interested in the nutritional text and may just want recipes.  Owners who just want recipes should contact me at hwatson@completeandbalanced.com - in your email, provide your pet's body weight and stage of disease.